The CPS120 is a high-quality, low power capacitive absolute pressure sensor solution with a compensated digital pressure and temperature output for low pressure applications, such as barometric sensing.

An integrated sigma-delta based ADC combined with internal calibration logic provides fully compensated temperature and pressure measurements to the application via the SPI or I²C interface. There is no need to separately download internal calibration coefficients and have the host microcontroller conduct complicated compensation calculations. The compensated values are simply scaled to produce highly accurate, compensated pressure and temperature measurements


  • Fully Compensated Temperature and Pressure Output
  • Small Footprint – 3 X 5 X 1.2 (w, l, h)
  • Low Power Consumption. Excellent for Battery and other Low-Power Applications
  • Self-Clocking, No Need for External Clock
  • High Resistance to Sensing Media

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