Singlechip integrated silicon pressure sensor is a high intelligent and accurate measuring instrument, it is calibrated and measured by full temperature area, and equipped with evaluation circuit ,which applied for kinds of component cabinets.

The pressure measurement application range: ± 2.5kPa(relative value) to 3.3MPa (absolute value). It is best choice for different application fields with high durabilities and 0.25% accuracy, includes:

GPS navigation
Indoor and outdoor navigation
Leisure, sports and health monitoring
Weather forecast
Vertical velocity indicator (rising a/falling)
Fan power control

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CPS170 Dtata Sheet
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Part Number Pressure Range Pressure Accuracy@25℃ Temperature Range Temperature Accuracy Logic Supply Voltage Operating Voltage Supply Digital Interface Package Package Size Documents
Units: (kPa) (kPa) (℃) (℃) (V) (V) (mm) (.pdf)
CPS170 10~110 ±1.5% FSS@5V -40~130 ±2.0 4.5~5.5 5 I²C 8-Lead LGA, Metal Lid 3×5×1.2 CPS170 Data Sheet

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